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Andcut uses the latest technologies and production skills to provide the perfect solution for your needs, we are creating innovative and creative film productions. We oversee every stage of the development process, from scripts, storyboards and pre-production, to production itself and full post-production services. We work worldwide.

PREPRODUCTION: Production planning, script writing, location scouting, equipment preparation and renting, casting, contract handling and copyrights.
PRODUCTION: Direction, photography, visual effects, editing.
POST-PRODUCTION: Special effects, color correction, color grading, 2D animations, 3D animations, composing, music, sound production, sound effects.

about us

Our offer

Production for individual and business clients for TV, internet and cinema.

Music video

Regardless of whether you create rap, electronics, soul or synth wave, we will help you choose the right visual means that will be the perfect complement to your music. If you already have an idea for a video – we’d love to get to know it, if not – send us a song and we will create a script based on it.

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Promotion video

No business can spread its wings without advertising. We provide a full service of creating promotional films. From concept and script, implementation, post-production and delivery of the finished product.

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Product video

Do you run an online store? Do you create products that you need to present in the form of a movie? You’ve come to the right place! We will create a video that will effectively advertise your product.

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Corporate video

Do you want to promote your company? Present its history, values, missions and goals? Great because we provide comprehensive services to companies in the field of internal film production. We create reports from events, commercials, training videos, as well as materials for each department of the company.

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Live broadcast

Streaming is an increasingly popular method of advertising that gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience with your message. We do on-line broadcasts to popular platforms. Bet on innovation and increase the reputation of your project with us!

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Event video

We are aware that preparing an event is a huge job. No matter if it’s a corporate event, concert, sports event or family celebration. It is worth creating a report in the form of a video. We have years of work behind us in events, we are effective and we know what is important to you.

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Workshop/ Training video

Do you want your workshops to have a modern form, and at the same time attract attention and be remembered by audience for a long time? Do you want your employees to quickly understand and learn how to use new programs, procedures and regulations? Show them in the video!

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We deal with portrait, advertising, product and event photography. We comprehensively do photography in studio, products and corporate sessions.

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Drone video

See the world from a different perspective! Add drone shots to your movie or add original frames to the photo session. Aerial photography is a great promotional tool for image building and showing more than the average recipient can see on a daily basis.

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VFX & post-production

Trust us. We assemble all productions using the latest hardware and software solutions. We have experience in editing, creating special effects, color correction, color grading, 2D and 3D animations, composing sound, as well as creating sound effects.

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